SHIPCLEAN – the highly effective and environmentally friendly boat cleaner

For perfect surface cleaning of plastic boats

SHIPCLEAN is a special cleaning agent for the surfaces of plastic boats (GRP) and effectively removes dirt such as rust, yellow and grey haze, water scale, tar and oil from all surfaces from bow to stern. The gelcoat and fittings are not adversely affected.

SHIPCLEAN is environmentally friendly, highly effective, and ideally suited for everyday use on board – free of phosphates, formaldehyde and solvents. All surfactants are biodegradable.

Registration no. at the Federal Environment Agency: UBA 08380008. Ingredients according to the Detergent Ordinance (EC No 648-2004):
Aqua, methylglycine diacetic acid, sodium salt, C6 alkylglucoside, potassium silicate, citric acid