Product development
individually and on-demand

From analysis to the individual
cleaning solution

Do you want to shine with your products? We are product developers of process and application-related special cleaning agents. Product development takes place in our test facilities under the guidance of experienced, qualified specialists.

High quality in the formulations, ecological compatibility in the raw materials used, in our own production and in shipping is our recipe for success for sustainable and future-proof product solutions.

The process

After a comprehensive analysis of the materials to be cleaned and the types of soiling, we test the possibilities with regard to comprehensive criteria for optimal cleaning. Decisive for this are, for example, the temperature or the mechanical support, safety criteria with regard to occupational health and safety and environmentally relevant stipulations. The results serve as the basis for a test formulation that runs through series tests consisting of test cleaning on the required materials and test objects. After evaluating the tests, the formulation and application method are readjusted until we can offer you the perfect cleaning solution.

“I will be happy to advise you and we will find an effective solution for you.”