Contract manufacturing – just in time cleaning products

Expand your production capacities – with us

Would you like to be flexible in the quantity of cleaning agents produced? Contract manufacturing gives you the opportunity to have your cleaning products, whether liquid or solid, produced entirely in our company, all of this at our location in Germany.

The complete production process is possible, from purchasing the required resources through manufacturing to order picking and collection or worldwide delivery of the goods.

Schulz & Sohn Abfüllung von Reinigungstabletten in Dosen
Schulz & Sohn Abfüllanlage Reinigungskugeln

Your benefits

  • Greater profitability in your production processes
  • Increase in production capacities
  • Availability of machine tools or production machines
  • Lower fixed costs
  •  Lower labour costs

“Do you have any questions about the outsourced production of your cleaning products? Please send us a message. We’ll get back to you soon.”