Developed values –
adapted to tomorrow

We are a family company in the 4th generation. Since the founding year 1890, when Vitalis Schulz formulated his motto: “Skill, vision, hard work, quality, performance and social conduct”, this basic attitude has solidified over the years and is still lived in our company today. Today, as requirements are more complex and global and production times are becoming shorter and shorter, we pay the same attention to the highest quality and do everything we can to ensure that our cleaning concepts are developed and implemented with maximum flexibility and a high level of consulting expertise.


Social involvement –
implemented with passion

As a modern company, it is an obligation for us to make our contribution to society and cooperate on the basis of a partnership. What was at that time called “social conduct” is expressed internally and externally in many ways in our company:

  • We promote education by giving young people an insight into working life in our company; we provide further training for new employees and staff.
  • We have been working with the Workshop for Adapted Work (WfaA) since 2006 and have integrated a supervised group of people with disabilities into our company.
  • We support sports clubs and youth sports projects in line with our social responsibility.
  • We are educational partners of cultural institutions and support school projects. Some of our employees take part in these undertakings actively and with enthusiasm.
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The demands, expectations, and obligations of a cooperative partnership are reflected in our Code of Conduct. By signing the Code, our suppliers also undertake to comply with its principles and requirements. The Code of Conduct forms part of the Terms and Conditions of Delivery of Schulz & Sohn GmbH.

Inclusion –
normal for us for over 15 years

In 2021, it will be 15 years since we started working in close cooperation with the Workshop for Adapted Work (Wfaa). Soon after the first discussions with the managing directors in autumn 2006 with the management representatives of the Düsseldorf-based Workshop for Handicapped People, one intern was taken on in the office and three employees in production.


At the time, certain activities of Schulz & Sohn GmbH were carried out on the premises of the Workshop for Adapted Work. Since mid-2014, a supervised group of WfaA employees have permanently worked in our production.

We are proud that the inclusion initiative has been successful and are looking forward to many more years together.

The health of our team –
a matter of the heart

Our employees are our greatest capital. Therefore, their health is particularly close to our hearts. The usual medical health checks and strict compliance with corona protection regulations according to current specifications are mandatory for us and therefore a matter of course. But beyond that, we are also concerned with preventive measures to keep the entire team healthy. Fresh fruit for everyone and reduced-cost memberships in fitness clubs as part of our cooperation with are among our offers. An external Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is available to provide advice in all life situations. Furthermore, we work with trainers and external consultants who determine the satisfaction and wishes of our teams. We aim to enhance and maintain the physical and mental health of everyone in the best possible way.


Employee benefits

Sponsoring –
we would like to contribute to solutions

Schulz & Sohn does not just act for the short term. That means we also bear the social responsibility incumbent on us as a long-established company. We promote education to invest in the future of our society. We encourage sport because it strengthens people for the challenges of everyday life and because it supports social behaviour. And we also promote culture because it opens up the necessary second and third view of things.

Here are some examples of our activities