Solodon® Eco Cleaning System – The gentlest cleaning system for maintaining the value of PV plants

Solodon® Eco Solar Panel Cleaner –
For cleaning companies,
installation companies
as well as operators of
solar systems

With that specially developed Solodon® Eco Cleaning System, you are able to clean stubborn pollution on PV modules on south-facing flat roofs in a most gentle and easy way. Cleaning and installation companies as well as operating companies of PV systems, Solodon® Eco Panel Cleaner offers a financially attractive and in terms value-preserving high efficient alternative.

The result: sustainably clean panels for greater energy efficiency.

Benefits of Solodon® Eco Solar Panel Cleaner

sustainable and environmentally friendly

Solodon® contains no solvents, is biodegraded after 28 days and is absolutely environmentally friendly. In addition, the cleaning agent is made from renewable raw materials.

easy, effective and efficient

With Solodon®, stubborn grime such as limescale, dust, pollen and bird droppings can be effortlessly removed and then rinsed off completely with water. In comparison to the use of expensive, demineralised water and a complex cleaning process, Solodon® offers an unbeatably cost-effective and resource-saving solution, because it is highly efficient and highly concentrated.

perfect cleaning and dirt repellent

Solodon® completely removes grime and leaves an ultra-smooth surface. Compared to other methods – for example with purified or demineralised water – particles are much less inclined to stick. This results in a noticeable delay in renewed polluting.

material-friendly and residue-free

The result of intensive researches: a combination of an effective cleaning substance and sophisticated application technology protects the material to the highest degree. After application absolutely no residues are left behind – in contrast to previous methods.

safe and non-hazardous

Solodon® is absolutely non-hazardous in storage and is safe for the user.

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For private consumers
The 1 litre-bottle Solodon Eco Panel Cleaner is sufficient to clean 150-200 PV Modules and is available at Amazon:

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