Customised Products –
Made in Germany

Your outsourced development department for special cleaning agents

Do you have a product idea and need a qualified partner for its professional implementation? As a hidden champion, we act in the background and design and develop chemical cleaning products at the highest level for you in our own development department – tailored to your individual needs – whether for new surfaces and applications or for well-known problems. It is up to you whether you develop the formulation together with us, whether you want to improve a cleaning product or whether you leave the new development to us entirely.

Your benefits

  • Saving the expense of a development department
  • Concentration on marketing and sales
  • Low investment for a new, market-ready product

From the requirement to the finished product

After a comprehensive analysis of the materials to be cleaned and the types of soiling, we test the possibilities with regard to comprehensive criteria for optimal cleaning. Decisive for this are, for example, the temperature or the mechanical support, safety criteria with regard to occupational health and safety and environmentally relevant stipulations. The results serve as the basis for a test formulation that runs through series tests consisting of test cleaning on the required materials and test objects. After evaluating the tests, the formulation and application method are readjusted until we can offer you the perfect cleaning solution.


Safety by ISO certification

As an ISO-certified company, we guarantee you permanent process support and quality assurance as well as, if necessary, the handling of all downstream processes such as production, filling, packaging through to storage and delivery worldwide – everything Made in Germany.

In close cooperation with you, we create highly specialised chemical cleaning products for industry that clean sustainably, efficiently and effectively.

Our well-known customers – including leading international manufacturers of professional coffee machines – thank us with their loyalty.

“Do you have specific challenges for removing heavy contamination? We will develop an individual solution for you!”

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