Sustainability –
always in our focus

We have the necessary “vision” – in the sense of sustainability – not only in the manufacture of our products. We strive for an approach that takes social, environmental and economic aspects into account in equal measure.

For example, we focus on climate-friendly, modern equipment for our production facilities using resource-saving technologies. We generate renewable energy ourselves, opt for architecture that does credit to people and the environment, and practice the most efficient recycling. Why? We want to offer our employees a healthy and meaningful environment — in addition to our striving for economic and progressive business practices.



The sun feeds us with energy

Since December 2011, a solar system with 19 kW has been installed on the roof of our 350 sqm office building. With the expansion of our facilities in 2013, we had another system with 99 kW installed. This allows us to produce a large part of our required electricity ourselves.

E-mobility – Refuelling at Schulz & Sohn

With 4 charging stations for electric vehicles, we offer our employees and customers free electric charging. We are already using this to power one of our new e-company cars, an E-Smart. We obtain the electricity for the charging station partly from our solar panels on the roofs of our production hall.

To all visitors of our company: You are cordially invited to charge your electric vehicle during your stay with us!

Certification –
for optimum quality

Since 04.06.2021 our company is certified according to ISO 9001:2015. The scope is: “Development, production, distribution and project planning of special products for the cleaning and maintenance of coffee machines”. The ISO certification, issued by TÜV Süd AG, certifies that Schulz & Sohn GmbH meets an internationally valid, special quality standard.

Circular economy — we want to do more than just recycle.

How do we deal with our waste? We see them as potential raw materials. We dream of a circular economy and do our best to get there in the future.

We practice waste separation at a high level. Thus, our diverse waste ends up neatly separated in different bins:
Paper from the paper press, plastics, packaging with harmful adhesions, mixed materials (roughly equivalent to the residual waste bin), foils, scrap metal, electrical waste, organic waste (green waste), powder waste, substances containing oil and batteries.

Paper is recycled just like electrical and metal scrap. Plastics and foils are also made recyclable.

We optimize the recycling of packaging with the company Interseroh. As early as 2010, the company certified in black and white that we save energy by reusing packaging materials. We prefer components that are produced from renewable raw materials.
However, we continue to strive to live up to the idea of a circular economy. For example, we are currently installing a composting plant to compost our organic waste and use it as fertilizer for our green spaces. And there are a few more ideas.