Perfect way of cleaning PV systems

Due to the specially developed Solodon® Eco Cleaning System you are able to clean stubborn pollution on PV modules on south-facing flat roofs in a most gentle and easy way. Cleaning and installation companies as well as operating companies of PV systems, Solodon® Eco Panel Cleaner offers a financially attractive and in terms value-preserving high efficient alternative.

The result: sustainably clean panels for enhanced energy efficiency.




  • Geizhals (a foaming device with a detergent tank)
  • Wiper with mop or wiper with a water brush and optionally a telescopic stick
  • Water connection
  • Optionally a pressure boosting pump

The necessary volume of water is easy to calculate

Determine water volume

Check the time you need to fill a 10-litre bucket with water from your hose.
Important: perform this test where you want to clean later. On the roof, water usually flows much slower from the hose than at ground level.
Water volume l / min:

60 x  measured time for 10 l in seconds

10 l

We recommend a minimum flow volume of 15 l water/min.



The surface to be cleaned is wetted with water. This serves to improve the water absorption of the grime.

Use of the cleaner

The surface is foamed evenly from bottom to top with the Geizhals. The Solodon Eco Panel Cleaner solution is left to act for 2 minutes.

Caution: Do not allow drying!

Working on light soiling: cleaning with a mop

Then wipe over the surface horizontally with a damp mop, and finally work along the edge of the grime at the bottom. Wash mop out occasionally.

Working on heavy soiling: cleaning with a brush

Then wipe over the surface with the water brush and work along the edge of the grime at the bottom.

Working on light soiling: cleaning with a mop
Wash mop out occasionally
triangular water conducting brush

Subsequent treatment

Rinse the surface until no foam is left. The water runs off evenly in a thin film.

Pearling effect

“Are you interested in the cleaning system for solar panels? We will be happy to advise you!”