Crown Jewels Anniversary

We congratulate our Senior Klaus Dieter Schulz on his 75th anniversary!

A look back to the beginning of his career 75 years ago:
In a difficult period, Klaus Dieter Schulz started a commercial apprenticeship as a druggiest on January 1st, 1945 in his parental store. His parents had converted it from a colonial goods store into a drug store a few years earlier.

The assortment in the retail trade at that time consisted of one-third of food (e.g. pickled herrings, nutriments) and two-thirds of so-called material goods (“…goods which were needed for medicine as well as for food, also for smoking and dying because of their good taste and smell“). Soon, a special department for infant care and nutrition was added.

Since his father Paul was particularly interested in photography, a separate photo department including a darkroom and training facility was also set up. One of the apprentices at that time still runs a renowned Photoshop in Düsseldorf today.

75 years ago the staff of the Vitalis drug store consisted of exactly three people: Dr Dr Paul Schulz (boss), a food saleswoman and drug store apprentice Klaus Dieter Schulz.
The latter passed his druggiest examination (including poison test!) after successful training as one of the few apprentices with the best grade. Since then, he has been constantly involved in the development of the company until he took over the management of Dr Schulz & Sohn company in 1966, which has since been founded.

More about the history of Schulz & Sohn can be found here.

According to the Chinese proverb, “Opening a business is easy. It’s hard to keep it open” we draw our hat to the creative work and life achievement of the senior. Congratulations!