Half-yearly balance sheet for Ökoprofit

On 18.04.2023 Schulz & Sohn hosted 15 Düsseldorf companies that are optimising their eco-balance together with Ökoprofit Düsseldorf. After six months of participation in the programme, the companies took stock.

Since the beginning of the initiative, internal project teams have been formed in the participating companies and data and facts on consumption and the current ecological situation have been analysed. Always with the aim of permanently implementing ecological management in the company in mind, the companies reported on initial measures and successes.

The Caritas Association Düsseldorf, which participates in the Ecoprofit programme with its office in Unterbilk, has already heated parts of the building with heat recovery and uses electrical switch-off pulses for the lighting. It has now been decided to contribute the 49-Euro-Ticket, the installation of a PV system for charging the electric/hybrid cars and various measures to save electricity.

The electrical company Josef van Treeck GmbH has already reduced its electricity consumption by lowering the lighting intensity, is currently developing a new mobility concept and is increasingly relying on recycled products and circular economy.

At the German Journalists’ Association (DJV-NRW), all employees are included in the Ecoprofit programme. Various topics are being considered or have already been implemented there: Replacing lighting, biodiversity in the garden, creating a new mobility concept, rethinking procurement, photovoltaics, optimising waste separation.

The management of Schulz & Sohn GmbH has been working intensively on sustainability issues for a very long time. The PV systems on the roofs of the factory buildings have been producing sustainable electricity since 2010. Since the beginning of 2022, there have been options for climate-friendly mobility (company-owned e-vehicles and e-charging stations). The drive towards recycling in the direction of a circular economy has been noticeable on the one hand since 2010 through the use of recycled packaging and is being further promoted within the framework of the programme.

Jochen Kral, Councillor for Environment & Mobility of the state capital Düsseldorf, praised everyone’s commitment as a valuable ecological contribution. All participating companies – Schulz & Sohn included – are working towards the final examination in November 2023 in order to be publicly awarded the “Ökoprofit-Betrieb” certificate after passing the examination.

Participating companies

  • Autozentrum Josten GmbH & Co. KG
  • Caritasverband Düsseldorf e.V.
  • Deutscher Journalisten-Verband Landesverband NRW e.V.
  • Diakonie Düsseldorf e.V.
  • Düsseldorf Marketing und Tourismus GmbH
  • IN VIA e.V./Luisenheim Alten- und Pflegeheim
  • Josef van Treeck GmbH
  • Jugendring Düsseldorf e.V.
  • Just Spices GmbH
  • Lebenshilfe Düsseldorf e.V.
  • Rechtsamt, Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf
  • Schulz & Sohn GmbH Chemie-Erzeugnisse
  • Tourismus NRW e.V.
In the canteen of Schulz & Sohn Company