“It must go on!” Klaus Dieter Schulz † 23.03.2022

“You were the ‘Schulz’ of Schulz & Sohn” – this is what Dr Klaus Vitalis Schulz said to his father Klaus Dieter Schulz at the funeral ceremony on 01.04.2022.

On 23.03.2022 his eventful life full of curiosity and energy came to an end at the age of 92. A Life for the company and the family—if that can be separated so clearly at all in a family business in the 4th generation.

“It must go on.”
That was one of the phrases you often heard from him—Klaus Dieter Schulz—and will remember.

From 1966 to 1998, he led the company’s fortunes and was the driving force behind innovation and expansion. He began developing special cleaners and opened up new markets at home and abroad.

Since 1998, when his son Dr Klaus Vitalis Schulz took over the sole management of the company, the senior could pursue one of his favourite pastimes: Conducting trials for new product ideas. His grandchildren benefited from his expert knowledge and also had a lot of fun with the chemical experiments.

With Klaus Dieter Schulz, we are leaving a personality who shaped the company, a responsible father, a loving grandfather and a humorous person.
The entire Schulz & Sohn team will miss him and will keep him in their hearts.

But it must and will go on. His children and grandchildren will carry the company into the future in the spirit of their senior.

Klaus Dieter Schulz, ✼15.10.1929 † 23.03.2022

In the company's own shop for chemicals in the 90s
Schulz Senior 2015 in the Schulz & Sohn testing room