It‘s a Girls‘ World!

This year on the occasion of the nationwide Girls’Day on 28.03.2019 6 schoolgirls from the 8th grade were in our company to inform themselves about male-dominated occupational fields. During an introduction, they learned how our company is organized and how the individual departments – from order acceptance to laboratory to delivery of the finished and packaged products – interact.

First, the girls visited the in-house laboratory. Under the microscope, they discovered the world of microorganisms (bacteria). Some asked themselves what this had to do with cleaning agents. They were informed by Sebastian Stappen, the head of the laboratory, that first, you had to know what the dirt looks like and what it consists of before a product could be developed to remove it.

Next, the students were expected in the machine filling department. After all, the manufactured products have to be filled into appropriate bottles or canisters. We do this with ultra-modern machines that can achieve high filling quantities. Despite all the modernity, people still play a major role – they have to operate and control the machines with great care.

The pre-packed cartons must now be wrapped in foil, pallet by pallet before a logistics company receives them and delivers them to the target customer. The big challenge for the girls was to get the pallet wrapping machine under control. With a lot of practice and professional instruction from the professional, some girls did well.

We hope that we have been able to convince them, that girls can also be able to succeed in a man’s world.

first station: in the laboratory
second station: filling machinery of liquids (filling and packing of bottles)
third station: wrapping in the logistics department