Keep your distance – wash your hands – get information

Interview with Dr. Schulz on coronavirus:

Are you concerned about the coronavirus?

Personally, I’m not. Since the virus only seems to be dangerous for people with a weak immune system or with previous illnesses, I do not worry much about myself; I feel fit. However, I am worried about the way a lot of people react to this situation

What exactly do you mean?

For example, people randomly are buying masks. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), masks only help infected people not to infect others. For non-infected people, the misuse generally leads to an increase in risk.
My concern results from the fact that our employees who work at a dusty workplace actually need the masks and soon won’t have any masks available.
Or moreover, the disinfectants and raw materials that we require for production are no longer available. I am afraid that the damage caused by the misuse of disinfectants will be greater than the gain from averting actual dangers. Disinfectants only work where there are actual viruses – they cannot be used prophylactically.

In your opinion, what do you think should be done?

The recommendations of the RKI should be followed: reduced body contact and safe distance to other people, regular and correct handwashing with warm water and soap, as well as checking your state of health. If symptoms such as fever, cough and cold occur simultaneously or if there is uncertainty about a possible infection, the local health authority should be contacted by telephone or via the Internet.

Robert Koch Institute: https://www.rki.de/EN/Home/homepage_node.html