We make ourselves heard (and seen).

Just under four weeks ago, we had the pleasure of hosting Christoph Sochart from the Unternehmerschaft Düsseldorf. He conducted interviews with some of our employees from various departments.

It was a wonderful and inspiring opportunity for us to talk about how Schulz & Sohn operates as a company, what is important to us and why we enjoy our work here.

The results of these interviews will be published as an audio feature this week.

They will be available on 10 April from 05:55 on https://unternehmerschaft.wigadi.de/podcast/ and in the evening from 19:04 on Antenne Düsseldorf.

A teaser film on YouTube offers a foretaste: Schulz und Sohn (youtube.com)

Have fun listening and watching!

Interview in the development department
f. l. t. r. Dr. Klaus V. Schulz, Romina Flöth, Julia Wöhler, Marc Sethe
Dr. Klaus V. Schulz in interview