Working together for climate protection

In cooperation with Interzero, Schulz & Sohn has achieved impressive success regarding environmental protection and resource conservation. By recycling materials, we have significantly contributed to saving greenhouse gases and primary resources.

To illustrate the significance of these savings, we compare them with known figures:

Greenhouse gas savings

  • 39,714 tonnes of CO₂ equivalents roughly correspond to the annual CO₂ emissions of:
  • 8.5 cars (based on average annual emissions of approximately 4.7 tonnes of CO₂ per car).
    16 households (based on average annual CO₂ emissions of around 2.5 tonnes of CO₂ per household).

By recycling 2.1 million tonnes of recyclable materials, Interzero has recently been able to conserve 8.7 million tonnes of primary resources and save around 1 million tonnes of climate-damaging greenhouse gases — a success to which our collaboration has also contributed. The annual “Resources SAVED by recycling” study by the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT shows what we are achieving together regarding climate and resource protection.

Our partnership with Interzero impressively demonstrates how joint action can lead to huge savings. These successes are not just data but genuine contributions to climate protection.

We remain committed and want to make a difference — for our environment and future generations.