An island in the U-Lake An island in the U-Lake

We are supporting a joint venture with the ‘Association of Friends and Sponsors of the High School Gerresheim’, with its associated rowing club and the Zweckverband Unterbacher See (Special Purpose Association Unterbacher See).
According to the principle of giving and receiving, the rowers are allowed to build a long time needed repair workshop on one part of the area of the association. As a compensatory measure, the area which will be covered by the building will be reconstructed in another place. The VdF and the association took to the idea of positioning a floating island in the shallow water of the lake. As part of the biology lessons, the pupils of the High School Gerresheim are given the opportunity to be part of the environmental project by planting and providing the plants for the floating island.
We would like to donate the frame construction – a special made swimming wire rack – to the association VdF.
Manufacturer of the construction base:
www.oekon-vegetationstechnik.dePublication about an existing test island of the ‘Unterbacher See’ (in German)

construction base for planting