Fabulous contribution to diversity

On 18.11.2022, the “Bundesweite Vorlesetag” (nationwide reading aloud day) took place for the 19th time. Dr. Klaus V. Schulz surprised the Wirbelwind day care centre (Ellerstraße in Oberbilk) with an extraordinary guest for this occasion.

Under the annual motto “Unique together”, this event celebrated the diversity of our society. Schulz & Sohn made a particularly fabulous contribution this year. Owner Dr Klaus V. Schulz appeared accompanied by Princess Saleia, whose real name is Sabrina and who is our wonderful employee in the Central Services Department. As a princess, however, she enchanted the children by reading from her self-written fairy tale book “Salaia, the Sunflower Princess” together with Dr. Schulz. The 4-6 year old children listened spellbound to the story of the little princess Saleia, who suffers from teasing and gets more and more desparated at school, but finally finds things to comfort her.

The performance was topped by the princess’ singing. After more than 3 hours the magic was over and the children as well as the teachers were completely thrilled.

We at Schulz & Sohn are extremely pleased that we were able to do justice to the motto of diversity with an unusual contribution.