Proceeds of the 2022 rowing regatta – a crowning finale

At the beginning of December, the proceeds of this year’s rowing regatta were handed over to the cancer society in the city hall of Düsseldorf. A total of €30,000!
As a reminder: This summer, 3 teams from Schulz & Sohn rowed together with 100 other teams from all over Düsseldorf for the good cause.

Our teams this year:

HEKTO ZENG (Klaus Vitalis Schulz, Fritz Schulz, Elvira Guderian, Christoph Seipel).

BLACK PEARL (Thorsten Maaßen, Gregor Gorse, Sascha Hensel, Martinez Mateos Santiago)

NAUTILUS (Henning Zugehoehr, Christian Schwirtz, Norbert Schlüter, Axel Pütz)

Schulz & Sohn has participated in the regatta as a donor for many, many years, and everyone in the company is more than thrilled about the great sum that was achieved for the Cancer Foundation in 2022. Once again, many thanks to everyone who took part – whether on the water or cheering on at the poolside. For all of us at Schulz & Sohn, it is as clear as daylight that we will be back next year.


From left to right: Ingrid Foerster (Assistant to the General Manager of the NRW Cancer Society), Cornelia Burger (Treasurer of Düsseldorf am Ruder eV), Mayor Keller, Sandra Bothur, Kurt Nellessen, Melanie Ott (2nd Chairwoman of Düsseldorf am Ruder eV), Anke Wohlan (Head of the Audit Office of the State Capital Düsseldorf and Auditor of Düsseldorf am Ruder eV).