Ruderclub Germania Düsseldorf

We have supported the Rowing Club Germania Düsseldorf on their 7th Christmas-Ergo-Cup (see photo gallery) in December 2017 –  as in the previous two years. The Christmas-Ergo-Cup has been firmly established in – and outside of Düsseldorf’s rowing world. The participants covered a distance of 350 – 6000 m in the rowing ergometer and followed their own performance as well as that of the other competitors in real-time.
Furthermore, we have supported the Ruderclub Germania Düsseldorf by purchasing equipment, for instance, a single sculler.
The RCGD is the Rowing Association in Düsseldorf, which concentrates on rowing as a performance sport. A team of trainers supervises children, youths and young adults who want to pursue rowing at a competitive level. Numerous national and international successes are testimony to the good work of the association and its members.