Schulz & Sohn is passionate about the Henley Royal Regatta

The Regatta this year took place from the 3rd until the 7th of July. The event – the Wimbledon of rowing – has been held annually for 180 years over a distance of one mile and 550 yards (2,112 km). It is an eagerly awaited event in rowing-crazy England. The whole of Henley-on-Thames is in high mood during the 5 days – not least because it has been a fixed date on the Royal Family’s agenda since 1851.

As the regatta course on the Thames is not wide, the participating teams compete in 23 events in a knock-out system with two boats until the winner of the competition is determined. The regatta culminates in the finals, which all take place on the last Sunday. This year 660 international teams in all boat categories from single skulls to the king’s class, the rowing eight, competed with each other in thrilling races. They were appropriately supported and honoured by stylishly dressed onlookers on the banks of the Thames.

What takes Schulz & Sohn to Henley-on-Thames?

Schulz & Sohn also had reason to be excited this year because we supported a team from our region, the Rhineland. The eights crew of the Bonner Ruder-Gesellschaft entered the “Thames Cup” to compete against 31 opponents. Their boat was branded with the Schulz & Sohn company logo and claim, as well as the motto: “United we stand”.
We watched the races of “our” boat with great excitement and were not without pride when the team made it to the semi-finals.


We congratulate the team from Bonn for their outstanding performance and of course the winners of the competition, the team of the Roeivereeniging students Vreie Universiteit Okeanos from the Netherlands.

Why are we involved in this sport?

It fits: Competitive rowing is in line with our values and has long been practised by us. We experience in this activity – as in our company – fairness, team spirit and sporting competition.
And, last but not least, it is a sign of our solidarity with our English customers and business partners. We are proud of our message, “United we stand”. Brexit or not.

The course of the competition for the Bonner Ruder-Gesellschaft:

Day 1: Bonner Ruder-Gesellschaft e.V., Germany
beat Thames Rowing Club C by 1 3/4 lengths

Day 2: Bonner Ruder-Gesellschaft e.V., Germany
beat Wairau Rowing Club, New Zealand by 2 1/2 lengths

Day 3: Bonner Ruder-Gesellschaft e.V., Germany
beat Agecroft Rowing Club by 1 length

Day 4: Roeivereeniging students Vreie Universiteit Okeanos, Netherlands
beat Bonn Rowing Society e.V., Germany by 3/4 lengths

Day 5 Final: Roeivereeniging Students Vreie Universiteit Okeanos, Netherlands
beat Thames Rowing Club A by 1 length

Copyrights for all shown photos are by Henley Royal Regatta