The complete tool for the effective cleaning of solar panels

Geizhals or hydrofoamer
(professional equipment)

The Geizhals, also known as the hydrofoamer, is a foaming device with detergent tank. It is attached to the water hose and automatically dilutes Solodon with water to produce a constant 0.2 – 0.5 % application concentration.

Nozzles (included with the Geizhals)

Assorted pack of 15 nozzles. For the use of Solodon Eco Solar panel cleaner, we recommend the pink nozzle.

Leifheit mop

High quality, commercial mop with a telescope stick.

Leifheit telescope stick

Extension to fit the mop.

Replacement mop head

Replacement head to fit the mop.


Large rectangular bucket, suitable for mop or brush.
For rinsing mop or brush.
For applying additional cleaning solution.

Water brush, Gardena type

Water brush, triangular shape, for mechanical removal of dirt on the modules.

Water conducting telescopic pole

Telescopic pole to fit the water brush