Who actually cleans the coffee machine at the petrol station?

The inside of a professional coffee machine consists of a complex system of lines and hoses. So that coffee specialities – especially those with milk such as cappuccino, latte macchiato and café au lait – are creamy and perfect, you need narrow hoses and even narrower nozzles. Milk foam nozzles and internal systems in particular – whether on the steam lance or in integrated systems – tend to get clogged up. In addition, milk does not keep particularly well in a warm environment and bacteria very quickly develop in the lines and in the milk tank, which can reduce the enjoyment of the coffee or even endanger the health of coffee lovers.
Systemic cleaning of these coffee machines is therefore essential. This cleaning takes place inside the machine using liquid cleaning agents or tablets that do not affect the taste of the coffee in any way and are controlled by software. In this way, the inner workings of the machines are kept sterile and free of solid milk residues.

That means full enjoyment of your coffee, even if the coffee machines on petrol stations and service stations never seem to stand still.