Rowing sports is wet sports

Schulz & Sohn at the “Düsseldorf am Ruder” rowing regatta

It was a very rainy day for us and all the other 97 teams that went to the start of the charity regatta in the Media Harbour on Saturday, 12.08.2023.

However the atmosphere in the Schulz & Sohn VIP Lounge was not affected.

Our 3 rowing teams and their fans were highly motivated and showed enormous stamina. As a reward, the sun shone again at the award ceremony.

Unfortunately, our male and female rowers did not make it onto the winners’ podium this time. But it is worth the effort for everyone to do something for a good cause.

And by the way, we have 3 new members for our “Hall of Fame”.

Team Seerose (cheering call: “Pull, Rose!”) finishes in 13th place in the women’s beginners’ category

Crew: Judith Derichs, Elvira Guderian, Anne Horbach, Henriette Schaab.

Team Row Patrol with the crew Stefan Krah, Veronique Krah, Stefan Kropp, Axel Pütz rowed their way to 6th place in the advanced men’s category.

Our cool Evergreen Team Black Pearl, Gregor Gorse, Sascha Hensel, Thorsten Maaßen, Santiago Martinez-Mateos came 7th.



Team Seerose with chief mascot
Team Row Patrol
Team Black Pearl
Cheering over our company banner
The “Hall of Fame” in our entrance lobby